In our machines “Micro Diffusion Technology” is being used. It is the latest technology that separates aromas in liquid form to particles smaller than a micron, making it possible to diffuse homogenously to its surroundings. Moreover, with this technology it makes it possible without using the heat, alcohol or nay harmful chemicals to diffuse fragrances.with an effective and reliable way.

002 APP

Dimensions: 236 X 220 X 77 mm

Bottle Capacity: 480ml

Weight: 2,40 kg

Electricity: 220V – battey 1,5V

Connection: Bluetooh App

Consumption: 0,19-1,7ml/h

Material: Metal & acrylic

Coverage: 450m3 or 150 m2

001 APP

Dimensions : 146x156x58mm

Bottle Capacity: 100 ml

Weight: 0,6kg

Electricity : USB 5V/2 ve 1.5V battery

Connection: Bluetooth and Mobile Phone App

Consumption: 0,19-1,5ml/h

Material: Plastic

Coverage : 300m3 – 80m2

0100A APP

Dimensions: 230 x 300 x 90 mm

Bottle Capacity:500ml


Electricity: 220V

Connection: Touch Screen

Consumption: 0,13-2,7ml/h

Material: Metal + acrylic

Coverage: 1.200m3 – 500m2

0200B APP

Dimensions: 210 x 230 x 62 mm

Bottle Capacity: 150ml

Weight: 3,30kg

Electricity: 220V

Connection: Touch Screen

Consumption: 0,05-1,1ml/h

Material: Metal + acrylic

Coverage: 600m3 – 250m2

0300G APP

Dimensions: 260 x 350 x 128 mm

Bottle Capacity: 1.000ml

Weight: 4,70kg

Electricity: 220V

Connection: Touch Screen

Consumption: 0,25-5,3ml/h

Material: Metal + acrylic

Coverage: 2.400m3 – 1.000m2

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